The Rabbit Creek Journal  features local news bites, historical notes and upcoming activities of the Lost Sierra of Northern California. Mail subscriptions are available in the continental United States for $30 a year.

As your community newspaper, the Rabbit Creek Journal wants to know about births, weddings, anniversaries, special accomplishments, awards, etc. And we want to publish those special happenings so that your friends and neighbors will be able to join you in celebrating them.

If there's been a new addition to your family, a special anniversary, or something else you're busting your buttons about, let us know and we'll help to spread the news. The best part is that we will publish these items free-of-charge. If you submit a picture with your article, we'll do our best (space permitting) to print it also.

How about your club or organization? Are they doing something special? Let the RCJ know. We will help publicize it. Remember we come out every Thursday, our deadlines are every Friday for upcoming issues and 10 days is even better.

Belowe are some of our staff members and those we often write about in the Bunny Hutch. More will be forthcoming as we are able to get pictures. Some of them are shy about getting their mug shots. This page will load very slowly, but we hope you will enjoy it.

chooie.jpg (39492 bytes)

Choui Paka is the Chairman of the Board. He is our snuggle kitty for cold nights. He is an Egyptian Mau and his name means Leopard Cat in Swahili. He was originally destined for the gas chamber when we rescued him as a seven month old kitten. He is now nine years old and weighs 18 pounds. He answers to his name and enjoys all the usual things that our kitties in the RCJ Hutch do.

inkey.jpg (14877 bytes)

Inky Stinky prowls the house looking for mischief. He was found as a kitten in the woods, with three siblings, starving. His mother, apparently abandoned, was dead. Inky was raised on a bottle and still thinks of this Head Bunny as his mama. His purr is outrageous and his fur long and silky. He enjoys being brushed. His contribution to the RCJ is shredding the newspaper when he gets a chance to read it. We use him at Halloween for pictures.

tina-dog.jpg (22399 bytes)

Tina Dog is a frequent visitor to the office. She belongs to Betty Boop Bunny and comes over to find out what we are doing. She loves the office kitties and knows where all the goodies are hidden. Her sister and brother all live at the Hutch and we guess she just gets lonely for some romping.maxie.jpg (28850 bytes)

Nickie is a computer expert, as you can see, and gives our editor lots of advice on what to write about. Nickie lives at the editor's home but his brother and mother live at the Hutch. The RCJ has more than 17 cats living in the office and home and the staff cares for five other kitties. These are all neutered and spayed and live only inside. We also care for more than seven feral cats and have been called upon to find good homes for abandoned kittens. As you can guess we love animals.

samson.jpg (24206 bytes)Samson is our smug gentleman who adopted our Hero Bunny. He used to live in a gold mine but adapted to being a special office friend very easily.

patty.jpg (35173 bytes)Pet Me Patti knows how to make the FAX machine spit out interesting copy. She stands on the button and waits for the paper to come out and catches it with her paws. Sometimes she even encourages it to move faster. The answering machine also bares her marks so don't be surprised to have a meow answer you occasionally.

spike.jpg (25149 bytes)Spike, despite looking like he could lick the world, is really a softy at heart and a bit shy. He has only half a tail, a heritage of some ancestor in his background. Sometimes it looks like a curb feeler when he goes around a corner leisurely.

Emily.JPG (161202 bytes)This is Emily one of the latest kittens She gets into everything.